Breast cancer month - my personal experience

As a lot of you probably already know, October is the world breast cancer awareness month. Although what we do is quite far from medical research and cancer, I have my own personal experience with this horrible disease, and wanted to use this platform and my company for something good by supporting it. 

Five years ago my mom and dad came to Oslo where I was living, to visit me and my sister. We were supposed to go to an opera show together for a nice family evening. My sister and I had just moved in to our apartment and I remember we barely had any furnitures, and were serving dinner to our parents on the floor and sitting on foldable chairs. But it´s family, and we still had a good time and could laugh of how primitive it all was! In the midst of the joy and laughter my mom suddenly got serious and told us she has something important to say. She had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. 

My whole world froze, and just like that, life had changed forever. To be honest I can´t remember much more from the rest of the day and the following weeks. I have never experience a trauma of such magnitude before. My way of coping was definitely not the best, and looking back I think my defence mechanism was to pretend it wasn´t happening. I remember I couldn´t really tell anyone what I was going through. It was as if saying the words out loud would make it true, meanwhile keeping it inside would make it go away. 

Signs you can look for in your own breasts to detect breast cancer

We are extremely lucky, and live in a country where all health care is free, so only a few weeks later my mom went in to surgery at the best hospital in Norway. The doctors had recommended to completely remove the breast where the cancer was detected. Both emotionally and physically that is a massive procedure to go through. Me and my sister visited mom at the hospital as soon as she was awake again after surgery, and I´ve never seen her more weak and hurt - I hope I´ll never have to see her or anyone else I care about in such a condition again. Following the surgery was several check ups, more surgery and hospital visits, it felt endless at one point, especially for my mom. 

A few months later we had the results; she was completely cancer free, and the treatment had been successful!

We were extremely lucky, but I have friends who were not as lucky, and have lost loved ones to this horrible disease. I can´t even imagine what it must be like to go through this process with such a horrible outcome. 

My mom is alive today due to one thing and one thing only; early breast cancer scanning, also known as mammography. It was at such a routine control that the cancer was detected in the first place, and it was still so early that it had not spread anywhere else. We know about mammography as a tool to diagnose today due to extensive research that has been done on the field, and going forward, I´m sure research will uncover even better ways to screen, diagnose and treat people suffering from breast cancer.

As a business owner with what is now a relatively large platform and outreach, I want to do everything in my power to give back in positive ways. Natura by Anne is where it is today due to your support and encouragement, and that means the world to me. One way I see that we can give back and show our gratitude to have this business and our brand is by doing donations, and with my own personal experience with breast cancer it felt only right to focus on that as a cause this month. In October, 10% of all revenue we make through our online store will be donated to the breast cancer association in Turkey; Memeder. If you buy a product from our online store you will receive a small pink ribbon with the order to signify the contribution you also made to the cause. We encourage you to contribute in any way you see fit, and wish good health to all of our customers and their loved ones <3 

You can read more about what you can do to check yourself here.

Lots of love,


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