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Hi, here is a blog about animal love and my experiences rescuing stray animals!


I am Laçin Artıkoğlu, and I am the newest addition of the Natura by Anne family. I have been working in this small initiative for almost six months now trying to make the magic happen :)

I lived abroad for a significant time of my life and moved back to Istanbul in 2016. When I came back to Turkey I was stroke by the amount of animals that were abused and in need of help. I am in LOOOVE with animals (if you can't tell it already :) ) and have been actively working to help as much as I can and rescue them for over a year now. Here is a summary of what I do; I find an animal in need of help, I took her/him to a vet that I know (who is an angel in disguise), she cures them and when they are heeled I use my connections to find them a loving home (Solely because I am kind of full capacity in my house but I would definitely adopt more once the conditions change :) )

I was in charge of the past NbA charity work, because it was a cause close to my heart. We went to Kurtköy Forest, to feed the dogs there with Sokağın Pati İzleri. You can check their Instagram account, and you'll see that they are doing such feeding sessions all the time. A selfless organisation that helped me out during the project. At this point, I have to say THANK YOU <3 for all your support in our cause. Thanks to you, there is an animal out there, who was able to find something to eat today (below you can find few pictures from the feeding session that was supervised by me!! but accomplished with your help!). Also here is a shout out to Anne; kudos for creating NbA and working on a great mission; distributing health, creating awareness and sharing help. A brand that respects the world and everything it brings; fully vegan, fully natural <3 (She didn’t make me write these :D)


Although I have been doing some voluntary things for animals myself, I never went to a forest for feeding before. This was a whole new experience for me. What caught my attention the most was that they were more excited to see a human care rather than food. They wanted to be pet and played, food wasn’t even in their focus point (you can see a picture of me getting some love above). As a person who has been exposed to lots of broken souls while helping animal in need of help, this actually did make me happy. I feed the dogs in my neighborhood and they don’t even want to come near me as they are scared of people. The dogs in the forests are only exposed to people who love animals and spare some time to take care of them. Knowing that they are in good, caring hands did ease my soul.

Honestly, it all starts when you realize that you (humankind) are not alone on this planet, and it is NOT yours to rule. Some say human are better than animals. Human does not have sharp claws or teeth, and without knives and similar tools, we are not any better than other live beings. I can hear some of you saying “but we have brains and that is our claws”, we also have conscious.. no? We often don’t hurt other people, and try to help other people, so why not animals? Streets and forests are filled with animals that were bought and dumped, or used for breeding and dumped; generally abused and dumped. Do me a favor and when you see a stray animal today, just smile at them! Maybe you’ll say I am crazy (and I might be, just not diagnosed- yet!) but they are smart enough to understand sincerity. If you look at his/her eyes carefully, you’ll see that he/she is looking at your soul and seeing hope. I am just saying, give it a try, and let me know :)

 Did I strike a nerve, and you feel like helping a stray animal today? It is really easy, all they need is a bit of compassion, water and food.. (also maybe an old blanket or a piece of cardbox during winter). Don’t throw away your leftovers today; put them in a plastic bag and leave it outside of your apartment. Maybe you don’t want animals to make it a habit and come to your door looking for food everyday. Take the bag to an empty area filled with stray dogs/cats in your neighborhood. Do you feel like just feeding them is not enough; you want to go bigger and help the ones who were harassed and misbehaved? Volunteer for one of the non-profit organizations, which are established for the cause of help and nothing else. They are often small, and not even an official organization (they don’t have a name, its just few people connected), but I promise you there are plenty. Find a nutjob like me and they’ll show you the way; that’s what I did :)

Either way, I hope I was able to inspire you to give en extra thought, and maybe some love, to these beautiful creatures that we have all around us. Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Do you have any questions or feedbacks, leave a comment and I promise to answer them all personally!



Lots of love and kisses,


Laçin :)






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