Improving digestion by activating nuts

Are you a nut lover? Me too! I love the taste, all the nutrients they have, not to mention all the different uses of nuts like baking, making nut milks and snacking. 

I´ve had some problems with nuts though. You see nuts can be quite hard to digest, and for the longest time eating nuts would make me bloat. It turns out nuts have something called “phytic acid” in the peel. Phytic acid is the storage form of phorphorus in plants. When you eat that, it binds to minerals such as zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium, chromium, and manganese in the digestive tract, making them unavailable. Nuts and seeds also contain enzyme inhibitors which force the digestive system to work overtime to in order to break down the food.  

It wasn´t until I learned the trick of activating nuts that my relationship to this little superfood was improved. 

Activating nuts simply means soaking them in salted water to make them more easily digested, and the nutrients more easily accessible. The soaking will break down the phytic acid and remove the enzyme inhabitors. Then you can enjoy all the benefits nuts have to offer!

Here´s how to activate nuts:

  1. Place your nuts in a bowl with salt and water
  2. Let it sit for the recommended time, depending on the type of nuts you have
  3. Rinse off the water when the soaking is done
  4. Dry the nuts, either in a dehydrator if you have that, or in your oven set to low temperatures

That’s it! I wanted to add this photo as it´s super helpful in showing how much salt, soaking and drying time you need depending on the type of nut you use.

Take the dry nuts and store them in a glass container to munch on whenever you feel like it. I promise, it´s a gamechanger for those of us with a weak digestion!

Have you ever heard of activating nuts? And what’s your experience eating nuts, does it make you bloated? For me it improved a lot once I started using this method :)

All the best,


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