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As a company that sells healthy snacks there should be no surprise that health and wellbeing is a top priority for us at Natura by Anne. With the National Health Week coming up, and the summer and Bayram coming to an end, I have designed 7 small challenges (one per day!) you can do throughout the week to improve your health. If you make a habit of these small tasks, this week can guide you through a healthier life! These daily challenges contains the top tricks and health habits I recommend to my clients when I coach, so I guarantee you´ll learn some great tools that you can use over and over again! Do you accept the challenge?

Here´s how it works:

  • The challenge will start Monday Sept 4th and last until Sept 10th
  • Sign up by leaving a comment below. We will not share or publish your information. By signing up you will receive an email every morning of the 7 days telling you what todays challenge is 
  • Spread the word and challenge someone you love to join as well! After all it´s easier to do it together :)
  • You can win 1 month worth of products!! Tag us in photos while doing the challenge by using @naturabyanne and #NbAChallenge to join the competition!

Can´t wait to start the fun with all of you :D


Lot´s of love,

Anne S. Tutar 


  • Can’t wait to begin to #NbAChallenge ???

    Onur Aydin
  • I would like to join your challenge!

  • Wonderful?

  • i would like to join the challangd

    cansu tas
  • I accept the challenge :)


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