#NbAChallenge Day 2

This week, in the occasion of National Health Week, we challenge YOU to do one healthy thing with us every day. 

Anyone feeling sore in their bums today? Hope Day 1 went well, and welcome to DAY 2!

TODAYS CHALLENGE: go to bed before 22.00!


Set your alarm as a reminder to get to bed early and, well, go to bed!


Sleeping is one of the most fundamentally important processes in the body. So important that forcing people to go without sleep has been used as a means of torture in the past.

When you sleep your:

  • cells are renewed and regenerated
  • liver goes into work-mode and an intense cleaning of the body begins
  • brain process all the impressions of the day and sort them all into your "memory bank"
  • muscles relax and restitute, which is very important especially if you´re doing a lot of exercise (hey squats!)
  • hormone secretion of several highly important hormones begin, and without enough sleep your hormone balance can be thrown off a whack
  • immune system increase production of certain proteins and agents which help fight disease (which is one of the reasons why you need a lot of sleep when sick!)

Sleep is crucial for the body to work optimally, and for you to feel healthy, energized and alert. Studies shows that we are more sleep deprived than ever, and although adults should get anything from 7-9 hours of sleep a day, the general average is around 6hours, which is way to little for most people..!

Want to learn more? Here is a great article on ways to help you fall asleep! 


Will you do todays challenge? And will you join us tomorrow? :D Comment below👇

Sweet dreams! 

Xx Anne 

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