#NbAChallenge Day 3

This week, in the occasion of National Health Week, we challenge YOU to do one healthy thing with us every day. 


How did you sleep yesterday? Feeling rested? I sure hope so, because we´re ready for day 3 of the challenge!

TODAYS CHALLENGE: take the stairs!


Every time you encounter a staircase today, take the stairs and not the elevator / escalator! And yes, I mean ALL stairs! I´m already regretting this as I live on the 6th floor (and I´m 8 months pregnant, hehe!), but it will feel great when it´s over ;) 



Our bodies were designed to move! The modern lifestyle where we sit in front of a computer all day long, only to come home and sit on our couch is NOT doing us any favors. We have cars to take us around and elevators and escalators to help us get up, and in the end there is very little room for movement left during the day. You´ll be surprised to see just how much your heart rate will go up, and who knows, maybe you´ll make a habit of it?!

Let´s wish an extra "good luck" to everyone working or living above the 10th floor..! YOU CAN DO THIS! Get your co-workers to join in on the fun too :D  

PS! I once did this challenge for a whole week together with a bunch of my colleagues when I was working on the 17th floor. We actually had a lot of fun doing it, and everyone got really sore legs and buns (which we know = stronger legs and buns ;))


How many stairs will you need to climb today? Comment below👇


Xx Anne 


  • I will try. ?

  • Bugün çok merdivenle karşılaşacağımı sanmıyorum ama evim 3. Katta ?

    Şeyda Yalçın
  • I have no idea how many stairs are waiting for me today probably around TWO MILLION OR SO but I am sure my bums will be sore tonight. Again.


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