#NbAChallenge Day 4

This week, in the occasion of National Health Week, we challenge YOU to do one healthy thing with us every day. 


How are your legs after yesterdays staircase exercise? :P Anyone living / working high up that were still able to do it? Well today will be a bit more calm :)

TODAYS CHALLENGE: eat your vegetables! During lunch and dinner, make sure 1/2 of your plate consist of only vegetables.


The "plate model" is used a lot to guide us on portions of different food groups. I find the general plate model a bit unprogressive, and typically recommend people I coach to aim even higher; at making 1/2 your plate vegetables. You might not be able to achieve this every day at every meal, but try to do it for lunch and dinner today and see how you feel!

Here are some tips on making it easier:

  • If you´re eating out, ask for an extra serving of vegetables or salad. Maybe you can even modify and have less of things like rice or meat, and twice as much vegetables? 
  • If you´re cooking at home, try finding a recipe that focus mainly on vegetables. I love all the recipes from Deliciously Ella, so maybe that´s a good place to start? :D  



Have you ever noticed that all the diet experts are giving different advice on what is healthy? Paleo wants you to eat a lot of meat to be healthy, Low carb diet says focus on fat, and fruitarians says fat is the enemy and carbohydrates are the way to achieve health. So which one is correct? There are a lot of things these experts can´t agree on, but one thing they actually all have in common; they all say vegetables are healthy! In fact, theres never been a single study or finding that showes that vegetables are not great for us! It´s cleansing for the body, easy to digest, full of nutrients like vitamins and minerals and they taste GREAT :D   

Will you do todays challenge? Hoping to see a lot of nice pictures of vegetables on Instagram :D Remember the more photos you post of you doing the challenge, the higher the probability that you´ll be the winner of the 1 month supply of Chia Bars!


Xx Anne 

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