#NbAChallenge Day 6

This week, in the occasion of National Health Week, we challenge YOU to do one healthy thing with us every day. 


Another day, another challenge! Are you ready?

TODAYS CHALLENGE: eat minimum 5 portions of fruit and vegetables


It might sound easier than it is, because it turns out 2/3 of all adults eat less than 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day..! New guidelines even suggest that we should aim higher, at 10 portions a day! One portion is equivalent to 80 gr, and below is an example of 10 different portions of vegetables and fruit. 

Here are some tips to sneak in more vegetables and fruits:

  • Add some extra slices of tomato or cucumber on your sandwich, or why not making it fully vegetarian and fill it up with vegetables, pesto and hummus - yum!
  • Cut up some cucumber, carrots and red pepper and have it as a midday snack, maybe with a dip like hummus to go with it. 
  • Eat a Natura by Anne Chia Bar. One bar counts as one serving of fruit! 
  • Make a smoothie! Smoothies are one of the easiest ways to sneak in more berries, greens and fruit:) Try our popular smoothie recipe!
  • Follow the plate model from Thursdays challenge for lunch and dinner


Let´s hear what the experts says:

"..a daily intake of even 200g, or two and a half standard 80g portions, is associated with a 16% reduced risk of heart disease, an 18% reduced risk of stroke, a 13% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, 4% reduced risk of cancer and a 15% reduction in the risk of premature death" - wowsa!! 

“Fruit and vegetables have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and to boost the health of our blood vessels and immune system”.

So as it turns out, eating more vegetables and fruits might be the easiest and most efficient way to make sure we live a longer and healthier life free of disease!  

How many portions of fruits and vegetables were you able to eat today?👇


Xx Anne 

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