The single most important remedy to keep in your kitchen counter!

I love using food as medicine, and always turn to food whenever I experience getting ill or feeling a little off. My most important staple to keep around might actually surprise you as it´s nothing fancy or expensive. Actually it´s something that´s been used and cherished for centuries. I´m of course talking about Apple Cider Vinegar. 

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) should not be mistaken for Apple Viegar, which is a more processed and much less beneficial version used only for the taste in cooking. Apple Cider Vinegar is fermented apple juice, and the most beneficial ones are unpasturized and have the live culture, sometimes referred to as "mother" intact in the bottle. It will look more cloudy and have a stronger taste. In normal supermarkets they typically only have the Apple Vinegar, but if you go to an organic store or health store they almost always have the ACV version!

So why do you need this in your pantry? ACV is one of those magical remedies that can be used for more or less ANYTHING! I recently started using it against the spider veins that I developed during pregnancy, and supposedly people see great results (I´ll keep you posted!). Hippocrates, the ancient Greek "father of medicine" was also known to use it frequently in his treatments. 

Here are some great potential benefits of ACV consumption:

  • Japanese scientists found that drinking vinegar might help reduce obesity. Studies suggest that vinegar can increase feelings of fullness and help people eat fewer calories, which can lead to weight loss.
  • Apple cider vinegar has shown great promise in improving insulin sensitivity and helping to lower blood sugar responses after meals.
  • Vinegar contains chemicals known as polyphenols. They’re strong antioxidants that can curb cell damage that can lead to other diseases, such as cancer. 
  • Some studies in test tubes and rats have shown that rice vinegar can slow the growth of cancer cells and shrink tumors.
  • The main substance in vinegar, acetic acid, can kill "bad" bacteria and/or prevent them from multiplying and reaching harmful levels. At the same time it foster the growth of "good" bacteria. It has a history of use as a disinfectant and natural preservative.
  • Several animal studies have shown that vinegar can reduce blood triglycerides, cholesterol and blood pressure, but this needs to be confirmed in human studies.

I use ACV a lot, but here are some of my personal favourite ways of using of ACV:

1. Against Acid Reflux: I add 1 tbsp ACV to a glass of water and drink it a few minutes before eating. That relieves acid reflux (a life saver when you´re pregnant!)

2. Relieve eczema: I struggled with eczema when I was a child, and unfortunately it came back again a few years ago. To give my skin some rest from creams and ointments I rub a little ACV on the affected area before applying coconut oil. 

3. Cure a cold: take 2 tbsp of ACV in a glass of water 2 to 3 times a day to cure a cold. Combine with homemade ginger tea and you´ll be back on your feet in no time :) 

4. Ease Varicose Veins: this is my latest experiment so it´s too early to tell if it works, but a lot of people use it by rubbing it on the area in a circular motion daily. This improves circulation in the vein walls, and it´s anti inflammatory properties reduce bulging veins for those who struggle with that!

5. To regulate bodys pH and kill candida: I drink 1 tbsp in a glass of water (almost) every moring because of the high levels of acetic acid it contains. This has an alkaline effect on the body which reduces development of candida and helps regulate the body´s pH value. 

You can also use it as a household cleaner, to reduce a sunburn, relieve allergy and much much more! 

Have you ever used Apple Cider Vinegar, and what do you use it for? This is such a multi purpose product so I´m excited to learn more ways to use it :) 

Lots of love,



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