About us

Hi! My name is Anne, and this is the story about how my brand, Natura by Anne was born.

Being a person who had always lived fairly healthy I was surprised when a few years ago my health started getting bad. No doctor could tell me what was wrong with me, so I took matters into my own hands. I started researching nutrition and it's impact on life and health, and was shocked by the connection. I enrolled in a Nutrition Institute to formalise my knowledge, and used everything I learned to slowly rebuild my health.

At the core of it was that you have to eat real food to have real health - it all starts from the inside! 

Moving to the hectic city of Istanbul about 2 years ago I found no alternative to fit my new strict standards for nutrition, and decided to take matters into my own hands. I was dreaming about what would be the perfect snack for me, and knew it had to be something truly healthy, super tasty and also convenient. Within long the chia bar was born!

Today Natura by Anne is not just a chia bar, but a company constantly breaking boundaries and challenging the current perception of food. We work every day to bring you the healthiest, tastiest and best snacks to help you live the lifestyle you want! 

I hope you'll love my products, and how they make you feel! 

Lots of love,

Anne S. Tutar



My promise is that you´ll never have to sacrifice your health for what you eat when you choose our products! I promise that you will never find gluten, dairy, added sugar, additives or preservatives in our foods. Instead you´ll always get delicious, nutritious, healthy, convenient, innovative and caring products that are good for you, and great for your body!


I've learned the hard way the huge difference between foods made with powders and chemicals, and foods made from whole, nutritious, ripe and natural ingredients! The challenge is making the natural and healthy choice as convenient and easy. That's where Natura by Anne comes in. I want to bring you the tastiest, healthiest and most nourishing snacks that you can enjoy without feeling guilt, in a convenient way!